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Mutiple Chemical Sensitivity

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dry itchy skin [Feb. 3rd, 2009|06:43 pm]
Mutiple Chemical Sensitivity


I've always had dry skin, but the past few years it's been getting progressively worse. I'd been wondering what I can do about it. It's terribly itchy, and it gets so dry it's painful in places. I have tried vitamin E, my diet is much better than most peoples, and so many different lotions and creams. (I am allergic to Aveenos products as they all seem to have oats in them.) The best thing seems to be a combination of shea butter, coconut oil, Burt's Bees beeswax & banana, and Alba's "Very Emollient Body Lotion". Even with those my skin is horribly dry and itchy. It's driving me crazy. It's worse in winter of course, though summer is not terribly better, though our humid climate and hot temperatures do help it. At the peak of winter (i.e. now) my hands also crack and bleed.

I do avoid all wheat and even oats in even my skin products, as I am allergic to them. I am also allergic to lanolin and most fragrances. I feel like I have tried so many things to no avail and am feeling frustrated. I have even been only showering every other day, but the day I shower my skin is always particularly itchy and painful. The soaps I use are all natural, and no one (unscented, without allergens) seems to work better or worse than another.

My roommate today said that this is a problem in women: after about age 35 they have trouble with dry skin. I am 40, and have already always had dry skin. Agh! A further complication is that I have dyshidrosis, a skin condition affecting my hands, but I don't have symptoms as long as I don't handle wheat or strong detergents.

Help! Natural suggestions are welcome. What has worked for you? Is there an herbal supplement I can take, or some sort of oil or lotion I can apply that will not be greasy AND stay on my skin?

[User Picture]From: lauria
2009-02-04 03:52 am (UTC)
Have you tried Cetaphil Moisturizer?

I've tried the one in the tub and it's great. No fragrance, no gluten as far as I can tell. It should be pretty safe. This stuff is pretty thick and goopy. It's perfect for needing INTENSE moisturization.

You may want to look into their other products. I use the face wash and like it, it's pretty gentle and sometimes I have to wash my face twice to get rid of the greasy feeling, so you may find that it works well for you.

It might be worth it to go to a dermatologist if you can. It sounds like you're suffering a lot. Have you been tested for eczema?

One thing I like to do when I'm feeling dry and my skin is flaky is to make a scrub of olive oil and sugar and then add a little water. You want it to be a little bit gritty. If you put too much water or if it's too hot, it will melt the sugar. Try it on your hands or arms first (if your hands are too sensitive) and see how it works. It moisturizes nicely. The oil traps in all the moisture of the water and the sugar slugs off dry skin. I've done it as a full body scrub in the bath -- careful getting out!! :)

Good luck and let us know what works for you if you find something.
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